About Our Program

What We Do

We strive to create principled and knowledgeable future leaders through innovative teaching practices by establishing personalized instruction plans for all students that encourage learning at a comfortable, yet challenging pace. We use a competency-based method of teaching that nurtures a positive learning environment. Our commitment is to facilitate students’ development with empathy and respect.

  • Stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment
  • Competency-based learning
  • Encouraged global outlook
  • Restorative approach to world lessons
  • Affordable option for students with special interests and needs
  • Students experience success every day
  • Supportive environment to ensure concept adoption


We offer tutoring for students in K-12

There is no cost to families who receive our services.

Our program focuses on reading/Language Arts and math; however, we are able to support students in the core subjects up to Grade 8. For HS level support, please contact us for potential special arrangements.

Our Leadership

Roderick Chambers
Board Member, Secretary
Chawanna B. Chambers, PhD, NBCT
Board Member, President
Gail G. Randle
Board Member, Treasurer
Mila Thomas Fuller, EDD
Advisory Committee Member
Mario Marcel Salas
Board Member
Howard Bolden
Board Member
Mordecai Brownlee, EDD
Advisory Committee Member