Donate to Single Seed Enrichment School

Donate to Single Seed Enrichment School

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Who We Are

Single Seed is a 100% volunteer-run organization committed to supporting students as they develop better confidence in learning. We seek to provide opportunities for personal and academic growth. Single Seed Micro School offers a competency-based program that emphasizes noneurocentric curriculum and restorative justice practices. We will serve grades K-6 in economically disadvantaged, low-income, and poor people the San Antonio area.

Our Goals

At Single Seed we work to create an environment that will spur excellence in our students because we are committed to the overall support of our students and parents. With you help we will:

  1. Increase graduation rates of minority students in San Antonio
  2. Provide intervention services to K-12 students who are at-risk academically
  3. Support and educate parents as they serve as advocates for their children

Single Seed Enrichment School seeks to provide opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Dr. Chawanna Chambers, Board President + CEO

Key Strategies

Single Seed Enrichment School will provide diagnostic-informed instructional interventions, personal learning plans for tutoring students, life skills workshops to reinforce already taught skills and parent informational meetings and consultations.

Our Capabilities

  • Qualified volunteers for students who participate in tutoring
  • Strong leadership with extensive experience in education
  • Strategic partnerships throughout the city

Our Progress

  • Increase enrollment
  • High retention rates
  • Student pre/post assessment data
  • Growing donor base with active engagement

Our Accomplishments

  • Stabilized the tutoring program
  • Recruited additional tutors
  • Developed partnerships with organizations
  • 100% parent and student satisfaction