Applications FAQ

Single Seed will meet at 1972 S. W.W. White Rd.

Interdisciplinary coursework, field trips, educational resource center, centralized location for meetings, and access to professional development opportunities.

No, the Single Seed Co-op is not a religious-based group. While we do not discriminate against participants’ religious affiliations, it is important to note that we do not teach any religious content within our programs.

The Single Seed Co-op does not offer sports, but if students would like to create specific extra-curricular groups/activities, it is possible to do so.

Families who wish to use our library, lab space, technology etc. may become Single Seed Resource Center members. This membership is paid on a monthly basis.

Yes, it is important for parents to stay while their children are in classes because they are often volunteering and assisting other children. If there are times when that is not possible, please be sure to inform administration.

Members of the co-op are required to teach, volunteer, or support the co-op through in-kind donations. In order for the co-op to be most effective, every parent must contribute to building sustainability and school culture.

Yes, parents who teach classes still have children using co-op resources, but they benefit from a 50% discount on their membership fee.

No, attendance at every class is not mandatory, and we will not remove families who pay their monthly membership fees. However, it is important to recognize that consistency is an integral part of children’s educational experiences. We will utilize blended learning options, which allows students to submit work through an online learning management system.

Yes, we will maintain accurate student documentation and transcripts in case your family wishes to enroll in a public or private institution. There is a $5 fee to receive an official transcript.

Single Seed Co-op uses a competency-based model, which does not use traditional grading systems. Instead, students are assessed using rubrics. They will demonstrate proficiency through multiple avenues tracked by a student portfolio system.

Single Seed will provide reasonable accommodations for students with IEPs or 504s. We will also refer parents to local experts who provide more specific and intensive services. Our Executive Director holds a Special Education Endorsement from the Texas State Board of Education.

Single Seed offers an after-school tutoring program during the year. It has a separate registration process.

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