Goal Setting Workshop Success

On Saturday April 28th, Single Seed hosted its first goal setting workshop for San Antonio residents! Participants engaged in discussions about growth and fixed mindsets, as well as how such perspectives in life can impact their future.

Each attendee created academic, personal, and/or professional long- and short-term goals during individual work time. Once they’d honed in on their desires, Dr. Chae walked them through how to create an action plan for each goal.

Even though the idea of goal planning is not new to most, people often feel unequipped to complete the task for themselves. Many find that their goals lack specificity or attainability. This can discourage aspiring people before they even begin. For some, the struggle is not creating a goal; it’s what to do next. Where do you go from there? How do you decide what happens first? How will you know you are making progress?

That’s where we come in. Our Shaping Your Life Series: Setting Goals that Work weekend experience answered all of these questions and more.

The aim of Single Seed’s life skills workshops is to provide students and the community with the essential skills and resources needed for success. Often times, students and graduates find themselves lacking general life direction, basic financial literacy, interviewing/résumé writing skills and more. Through our workshop series, participants have greater opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Missed the fun this time? Be sure to check our website for the next one.

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