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PK-12 School

Single Seed Core Principles


We believe in active student engagement and learning environments that welcome each student’s intellectual processing speed.

Blended Learning

We believe in technology-rich classrooms that offer world-class learning opportunities through engaging, safe, and rigorous environments with dedicated time for one-on-one instruction.

Worldview Approach

We believe in teaching and learning through an international perspective that critically assesses world concepts and human interactions using historical, social, political, and economic contexts.

Multilingual Environment

We believe in consistent exposure to multiple languages during the critical period of childhood and the enrichment of multilingual life experiences.

Single Seed Components

Course Offerings


Languages other than English

Sciences (Higher & Standard Levels)

Fine Arts

Technology + Computer Science

Math (Higher & Standard Levels)

Digital Media

Law, Gender Studies, & Politics

Financial Literacy

Physical Education (Mediative Exercise & Personal Fitness)

Classroom Experiences

Learning blocks

Individual Instruction


Adaptive Technology

Small Group

Diagnostic Testing

Progress Monitoring

Problem-Based Learning

Senior Seminar (College + Career)

Personal Interest Projects

Group Community Activism Projects

Competency Mastery Projects

Student Support

Content Specialists

Mentor Teachers

Educational Assistants

School Counselors


Curriculum Specialists


Single Seed Enrollment Interest

If you have more than one student, please include the other children and their grade levels in the Comment box.

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